Spero creates cutting edge manufacturing technology for commercial production of natural and renewable ingredients used in flavors and fragrances. Our capabilities include innovative concepts at the lab scale, piloting, and commercialization. Our team includes world class scientists, engineers, technologists, business leaders, and a Forbes “30 under 30” honoree.

Catalytic Processing. Spero is the creator of a proprietary single-step catalytic conversion of biomass lignin to dihydroeugenol (DHE) and isoeugenol, with co-production of clean cellulose. The largest use is for biofuel production. DHE and isoeugenol are also used in flavors and fragrances, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, performance products, and thermoplastics.

Natural Flavors. We provide a low cost source of natural products that is both reliable and sustainable, and also meets U.S. FDA and EU natural standards. The increasing demand for vanilla in sweet flavors cannot be met by the current limited available volume of vanilla beans alone. However, ferulic acid is used in the production of natural vanillin, the main flavor ingredient in vanilla. Spero has developed a novel extractive chemistry to produce natural ferulic acid (SperoFA™) from abundant and natural agricultural products. Key features and benefits include a high yielding integrated process, a green environmental footprint, both U.S. and EU natural qualification, and a domestic supply of high quality ferulic acid.

Biodegradable Chelates. Our chelates mimic nature for high performance and are designed for biodegradability. SperoChelates™ is the clean solution for the current industry additive in use, which is EDTA, a non-degradable, polluting, and hazardous material. Chelates are used in agriculture, textiles, cosmetics, and foods.

Spero’s strategic technology advantages:

  • Natural and sustainable feedstock
  • Non-geographically constrained
  • Green environmental footprint
  • Efficient and cost competitive


Spero Energy, Inc. acknowledges financial support from the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science (award number DE-SC0011349), the National Science Foundation’s Small Business Innovation Research program (award number 1647923), and National Science Foundation (award number IIP-1415378) through Small Business Innovation Research program to advance and commercialize its lignocellulose deconstruction and lignin conversion technology.

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