Spero Energy is currently scaling up its patent pending one step lignin catalysis technology that produces high selective DHE, DMPP, lignin-free cellulose and xylose from municipal waste wood. The primary lignin derived DHE and DMPP and the secondary products have immediate use in the flavor and fragrances industries.

Furthermore, the Spero technology has the following strategic advantages:

  1. Upfront valorizartion of biomass lignin into high value specialty chemicals selectively without consuming any of the carbohydrates.
  2. Because of hydrolysis of the hemicellulose fraction in the same step of lignin conversion and easy separation of the resultant xylose, the xylose fraction can now be selectively dehydrated to furfural and subsequently to other furfural based chemicals or fuels.
  3. Avoid expensive and environmentally impactful pretreatment step of lignocellulose because Spero Energy’s process generates lignin-free cellulose that is more accessible and thus digestible as a result of this upgraded solid cellulose stream.


Spero Energy, Inc. acknowledges financial support from the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science (award number DE-SC0011349), the National Science Foundation’s Small Business Innovation Research program (award number 1647923), and National Science Foundation (award number IIP-1415378) through Small Business Innovation Research program to advance and commercialize its lignocellulose deconstruction and lignin conversion technology.

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