Spero Energy, Inc. is a technology company focused on the development of green chemistry.  We use sustainable and environmentally friendly practices for the manufacture of renewable and natural molecules used in the flavor, fragrance, and pharmaceutical industries. Our novel chemistry platform enables the valuable targeting and gentle extraction of special compounds sought by manufacturers.  Spero Energy produces natural ferulic acid and other high value molecules from abundant and natural agricultural products. At Spero Energy, we also employ environment-friendly biomimicry to design high-performance and biodegradable products for use in agriculture, cosmetics, and foods.

  • Spero Energy Inc., 1176 Tourmaline Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA 91320

    KPTC, 1281 Win Hentschel Boulevard, West Lafayette, IN 47906
Spero Energy Inc., 1281 Win Hentschel Boulevard, Ste. E1251
West Lafayette, IN 47906
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